Why You Need A Bookkeeper

A professional bookkeeper allows you to focus on running your business: providing leadership, training and motivating employees, growing your company. Our job, as your Bookkeeper, is to provide the tools you need to reach those goals.

For 20 years, Executive Bookkeeping Services, LLC has been a premier provider of bookkeeping services. We will help with all your bookkeeping needs, from the routine to the unexpected.

  • Your checking account has been stolen: we notify the bank which checks/deposits are outstanding and open a new account…Quick!
  • You are away on vacation and need money transferred. Done!
  • It is 40 days before year end-We will have a conversation with your accountant as to how best prepare, so we are not looking back 40 days after year end with regrets. We plan ahead!
  • Employees have questions concerning anything from income verification letters to vacation pay to COBRA benefits. We are there!
  • Your workman’s compensation policy requires a payroll audit. We do it!
  • Your Pension Administrator requires information on all employees. Consider it done!
  • You want to know anything from cash on hand to how much did I spend on gifts last year. Here is the report!
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