Bookkeeping Services for Small Businesses in NYC

Services Provided:

Executive Bookkeeping Services, LLC will provide your business with a custom program for success.

Evaluate the needs of a business/household which include the day to day operations as well as the long term planning. Prioritize and schedule tasks. Analyze current reports and adjust as necessary. Suggest new ways to organize information. Recommend financial strategies which may include expense reduction or cash management.

Create/maintain tools that assist management decision making. This includes tracking job costs to evaluate profitability by project. Keep track of foreign currency fluctuations in order to monitor their effect on company net income. Implement a checks and balances system to insure accurate job reconciling.

Coordinate information among departments. Keep records current and communicate changes to the necessary departments. Work with Insurance Brokers, Pension administrators, Accountants and Bankers. Analyze the needs of each department and how changes will effect their decisions and performance.

Organize records so they may be useful and informative to the user. We plan and anticipate the record keeping needs so they are available in a timely manner. Accuracy is of the utmost importance.

Executive Bookkeeping Services, LLC will organize you, organize your staff, organize your papers.

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